Plastic Kits

Hornby R539 Railway Cottages Kit, boxed

Includes stick-on overlays for brick finish

Price £5 (£4 members)

Hornby R539 Railway Cottages Kit, assembled

Price £4 (£3 members)

Hornby Engine Shed kit

Includes spare overlays for brick finish

Hornby Signalbox, assembled, light stone finish

Price £4 (£3 members)

Hornby Signalbox, assembled, dark stone finish

Price £4 (£3 members)

1:24 scale Tamiya kit for a Peugeot 206, appears complete with all decals, instructions etc. Box in good condition, all parts present, sprues untouched in sealed bags. Recent sales on Ebay between £15 and £25 including postage.

Price £12 (£10 members)